Basic Research to Create Higher Performance

Reduce toxic substance Improve taste, throat hit, nicotine sensation

  • Microstructure of ceramics

    Food grade safety is required for vape products, any risk on raw material is strictly forbidden. Besides, Pore size of ceramic is another research subject. Adjusting pore diameter and distribution can control the liquid penetration and holding capacity as per e-liquid viscosity.

    • 54% Porosity
    • 4.9 E-liquid Transfer Speed(mg/s)

    * The E-liquid transfer speed of Purlava™ is increased by 35%+to ensure the quick replenishment of e-liquid during the atomization process.

  • Aerosol Particle Size Test Results

    Small particles:

    Atomization / full release of fragrance-good for smell / upper respiratory tract feeling

    Large particles:

    The particles are easy to attach to the oral taste bud receptors-good for taste perception

    Purlava™ balances the elements, bringing out consistent fragrance and achieving less decay puff by puff.

  • Aerosol Liquid Phase Ratio

    The atomized aerosol has a higher liquid phase ratio and is more easily felt by the oral taste buds, The flavor is sweeter and smoother

  • Atomization Efficiency

    TPM is over 7mg/puff under 6.5W power output Atomization efficiency is 0.38mg/W·s

  • High Strength Physical Structure

    The H-shaped compression destructive force is greater than 300N to ensure the durability and no damage during transportation and assembly.

  • Quadruple Leak-proof Design

    Leak-proof structure of oil tank and atomizer

    • Quadruple classic leak-proof design
    • Enhanced mechanical strength at the fourth leak-proof design to guarantee the sealing reliability.

Heater Compatibility

  • E-liquid

    Applicable Viscosity Range 100-250

  • Electronic Engineering

    Wider Voltage Range 2.6-3.7V

  • Heater Size

    Mini Size Applicable