Press Release

October 15,2020

Purlava™- 5G ceramic heating technology is launched globally

E-cigarette technology has undergone continuous technological development, from 1.0 to 4.0 stages, from cotton cores and metal coils to the popular ceramic metal thick film technology. The development of technology has allowed the continuous iterative development of products, which has played a great role in the promotion of the electronic cigarette industry and the application of atomization technology in different fields. In 2020, when global wireless communication technology ushers in a scale breakthrough, ceramic atomization technology will also usher in the fifth generation of innovation.

Purlava™, FirstUnion Group’s new generation of printed ceramic heating technology was officially released globally now.

FirstUnion Group, as a leading provider and manufacturer of overall solutions for the e-cigarette industry, its PhD research team responsible for cutting-edge technology research and development took more than 800 days of painstaking research, after more than 20,000 analyses and experiments, finally launched the fifth generation of ceramics heating element technology.

The new generation of ceramic heating element technology named Purlava™ is used to highlight the brightest new feature – purity. In addition, compared with the previous generations of atomization methods, it has been significantly improved in fluid introduction, e-liquid lock, taste and atomization efficiency.

Purlava™ 5 high technologies:


Green food grade materials and process control

The ceramic body uses natural food-grade ceramic raw materials, and the ceramic body and atomized aerosol have passed strict safety certification.


Born for taste

Purlava™ has obtained international invention patents in the design of appearance and internal structure. Its unique H-shaped structure with two sides open, high strength, compressive strength ≥60N, and no slag drop. The contact area of the H-shaped e-liquid reaches 21mm2, and the oil inlet area is increased 2.4 times, 2.4 times that of the fourth generation ceramic heating technology. The oil guide speed is increased by 17%. At the same time, R&D personnel continuously optimize the ceramic pore scheme and unique heating track design to make the heat more concentrated and ensure the perfect transmission and atomization of e-liquid. It achieves a stable performance in taste, and users can get a perfect taste experience from the first puff to the last puff during use.

3.Smoke amount

Perfect experience

Dense and stable smoke output is the basic element of an excellent electronic cigarette. Under the same drawing conditions, the TPM value (unit mg/puff, the amount of smoke per puff) can reflect the amount of smoke of the device; in the TPM test, the Purlava™ R&D team continues to simulate vaping, In the simulation test, it is ensured that the product has a stable smoke volume with a TPM value of more than 7 while ensuring the consistency and stability of the taste of the batch product.


Long-lasting stable performance

While Purlava™ is highly reducing the fragrance and achieving a perfect taste, the research team has also conducted multiple tests on product reliability to ensure that the product is stable and durable. Finally, the product can be atomized within 0.1 seconds even after repeated use of 7 times. The fragrance has no decay*, providing consumers with a continuous and perfect taste experience.*(7 times data is laboratory simulation data, based on different users’ vaping habits, the data may be different)

5.Automated production

Efficient operation improves efficiency

Based on the mature modular industrial design, Purlava™ benefits from the quadrilateral structural design and printing process. Compared with the metal patch ceramics, it realizes the fully automated production of heating elements and improves the consistency and stability of product quality. Brand and enterprise itself will save costs and improve production efficiency.

At present, the application of Purlava™ in pod vapes has been started, and a variety of products equipped with Purlava™’s latest atomization technology will be gradually released. The innovation of 5G next-generation atomization technology is worth looking forward to.


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